November 4, 2010

Android: Phonegap 0.9.2 doesn't work with Prototype.js 1.6.1

This morning I upgraded to Phonegap 0.9.2 on an HTML-based native app for Android, in order to use the new notification.confirm() function. After moving my project to this new version, I started getting this error:
Error initializing PhoneGap: JSON error
I was using Prototype.js 1.6.1, and after a bunch of investigation, I determined that it was Prototype that was causing the error. I replaced 1.6.1 with 1.7_rc3, and magically, everything works. I looked into why this might be happening, but decided to move on with my life and just go with 1.7_rc3 :)

Hopefully this post saves someone a little madness.

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