April 23, 2012

Processing: Flip a PImage horizontally

I needed a mirror image of a PImage in my Processing project, so I came up with this little snippet:
public PImage getReversePImage( PImage image ) {
 PImage reverse = new PImage( image.width, image.height );
 for( int i=0; i < image.width; i++ ){
  for(int j=0; j < image.height; j++){
   reverse.set( image.width - 1 - i, j, image.get(i, j) );
 return reverse;

April 12, 2012

Javascript: Array.splice() is "broken" in IE 8 and below

It's not exactly broken, because all of the Array.splice() documentation that I've found says that the first 2 parameters - (start index and delete count) - are required. However, it seems that most modern browsers allow the 2nd parameter to be optional, and IE9 has made this the case as well. By leaving the 2nd parameter off, it assumes that you passed in the length of the array and clears everything past the start index. I found the issue when using array.splice(0) to empty an array, but it wasn't getting emptied in IE7 and IE8. My confusion came from my past life as an ActionScript developer, where the 2nd delete count parameter was optional. From now on, I'll be using at least the 2 required parameters for legacy IE support.