April 14, 2010

iPhone/iTouch/iPad: Check for the ability to make a phone call

I came across a situation where I wanted to lay out different buttons in case the iDevice (iPod Touch or iPad) can run my app, but can't make a phone call. The iPhone will display a "Call Store" button, but other devices won't. For a simple check, look at the following code, which checks for the device name, and looks for "iPhone" at the beginning of the string. It's a very simple implementation, but I didn't need further detection functionality for this project.
// check iDevice model for calling capability and initially assume it's an iPhone
NSString *model= [[UIDevice currentDevice] model];
BOOL canMakeCalls = YES;
//model = @"iTouch"; // manual test for non-iPhones in simulator
if ( ![model hasPrefix:@"iPhone"] ) canMakeCalls = NO;
[model release];
Then you can conditionally display or disable UI elements depending on whether it's for the iPhone only. This can obviously be customized further and more robustly, but for something quick and easy, I hope you find it useful. Check out this blog for a much more detailed detection class.

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