March 19, 2010

Actionscript 3: Masking in Native 3D Issue in FP10

Today I tried to mask a Sprite that was in a container that had native 3d rotation applied - i.e. a parent Sprite had some rotationX and rotationY. The masking wasn't working, but it turns out that it was only not working because another Sprite within the same parent container had a 3D "z" value set. In order to get the masking to behave properly, I had to nest the Sprite and its mask in another Sprite, so that no sibling clips had z-positioning within the same immediate parent clip. Hopefully this little note saves someone the time it took for me to realize what the issue was.


  1. WOA WOA, this sounds like my problem, but I am not following your drift here...

  2. Essentially, setting the z property will break masking that's been applied to the parent container. So you'll want to try nesting your objects/masks differently. This is a hard one to explain without some sort of diagram :(