July 25, 2010

PHPFlicker: Get images by user's tag

I started using phpFlickr (http://phpflickr.com/), so I could use Flickr as a query-able backend for some of my images. I'm tagging images that I want to show up on certain pages of my site, but there wasn't an example for using tags on the phpFlickr examples page. So here's an example:
 $api_key = "YOUR_API_KEY";
 $user_id = "YOUR_USER_ID";
 $secret = "YOUR_SECRET";
 $f = new phpFlickr($api_key, $secret);

 $photos = $f->photos_search(array( "api_key"=>$api_key, "user_id"=>$user_id, "tags"=>"promo", "tag_mode"=>"any", "extras"=>"original_format,tags,url_o,description") );
 // Loop through the photos and output the html
 foreach( (array)$photos['photo'] as $photo ) 
  // get original, or large if no original
  if( isset( $photo['url_o'] ) ) 
   echo '<a rel="lightbox[flickr]" title="'. $photo['title'].' - '. $photo['description'].'" href="'. $photo['url_o'] .'">';
   echo '<a rel="lightbox[flickr]" title="'. $photo['title'].' - '. $photo['description'].'" href="'. $f->buildPhotoURL($photo, "large") .'">';

  echo '<img border="0" alt="'.$photo[title].' - '. $photo['description'].'" title="'.$photo[title].' - '. $photo['description'].'" src="' . $f->buildPhotoURL($photo, "square") . '" />';

  echo "</a>";

Just replace YOUR_API_KEY, YOUR_USER_ID (something like: 38845956@N05), and YOUR_SECRET (something like 7fc67607bd5abc59). This type of search is "secure", meaning that you have to acquire a secret key via the Flickr API.

This script will display square thumbnails that link out to the largest available image size. This can easily by styled, augmented with a lightbox javascript, or customized via the phpFlickr search options.


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